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Hello, I'm the Energy Whisperer

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I write this post eager with excitement for two reasons: This is my first blog post (ever!) and I'm sharing it with YOU. You are the reason I began my business, The Energy Whisperer. I wanted to share my expertise, knowledge, information, and outlook on life with everyone interested in making their life a more balanced and better place. Through decades of curiosity, years of classes, multiple certifications and countless client sessions, I'm am finally ready (and did I mention excited?!) to take this journey with you!

2018 has just begun and I'm proud to launch my official website. (New year, new you, right?) Please explore my website and let me know what you think! I want my website to become a live resource for you and your spiritual journey. Check my site regularly (and subscribe!) for informational articles, how-to’s, downloadable content, products for sale, promotions and more. This year, I plan to publish more and more valuable content designed just for you. This blog will be a BIG platform to making that happen (so be sure to subscribe).

This blog will be a library for all you need to know about feng shui, resonance repatterning, polarity, energy work, ancient chinese healing practices, and related topics. I’ll share my opinion backed with research to give you the facts and truly answer WHY. I really want to make you to think in new ways, expand your mind, and reflect. I want to challenge your status quo and make a positive change. I want to bring you to your best self and lift you to your highest vibrational level!

We’re in this together! Tell me what you what want to know and what I can give to you. Please subscribe to stay in the loop, and namas’tay blogging!



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