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Energy exists in everything so our body is connected to the world around us. The body is made up of life energy and has five long currents on each side. Each current relates to an element along with negative, positive and neutral poles flowing in several directions: vertical, horizontal and spirals from the top downward and the center outwards.


It is a law of nature that there is a range of frequencies that we naturally function on for optimal health and wellness in body, mind and soul. When we are resonating at our prime frequency and vibrational level, we feel relaxed, joyful, healthy, peaceful, loving and happy. When there is a blockage or imbalance, then there is a disruption in these energies which can lead to increased negative energy or a lower frequency. These disruptions cause us to be at a negative state of mind making us feel sad, disoriented, anxious, impatient, exhausted and even cause us to develop stress related illnesses or bad habits.


In my energy work, I use many techniques from both the eastern and western hemisphere, non-invasively, to shift these blocked energies so the body can flow once again balanced and freely. I help support the body resonate at a higher, more beneficial frequency.



Most simply, we resonate what we attract. Resonance repatterning helps shift these energies for the benefit and wellbeing of the client.


Polarity is all about energy. It pulls healing powers from the earth's elements, poles, and energy currents to promote healing, balancing, and wellbeing.


This "unwinding" is an in-depth release of the nervous system. It helps dispell tension, stress, compression to improve body health, rhythm, and energy levels.



Formerly known as Holographic Repatterning, Resonance Repatterning is a non-invasive process that helps shift non-coherent thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits, emotions and behavior to a coherent harmonious balance state restoring the client to a higher frequency or vibration of his/her electromagnetic fields. Resonance Repatterning uses Polarity, acupuncture points and meridians, psychology, kinesiology, western and eastern modalities and techniques to help bring the unconscious patterns to light so they can be addressed, redirected or shifted. Resonance Repatterning is now being validated by Quantum Physics.

Resonance Repatterning


The body has innate intelligence and energetics through which positive, neutral and negative poles and currents work with the five elements - Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Polarity Therapy works, non-invasively, to enhance and balance the functioning of each of these elements to meet the specific needs of the client by using various bodywork techniques or energetic touches. Some involved the three Gunas, the transverse energy currents (East-West currents), elemental currents (North-South), spinal and fetal triads and nutrition for the optimal balance of mind, body, and soul.



A cranial sacral, or “unwinding,” is a holistic energy-based therapy that is non-invasive, clothed palpatory bodywork that integrates Polarity Therapy. This approach enhances the body’s own self healing and regulating abilities by addressing the bones of the head, spinal column, sacrum, connective tissues, muscles and fluids of the body’s core, the cerebral spinal fluid, the central nervous system, membranes and sacrum. This bodywork helps to release tension, pain, stress and compression to improve whole body health, rhythm and energy.

Cranial Sacral
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