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Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is first noted in written history over 3000 years ago but believed to have been practiced as far back as 5000 years. “Feng” means the wind, an invisible force and “Shui” means water, a visible force - like the wind before the rain in a storm. Learn more about the 5 Elements.


The Tao (pronounced Dow) believed that there is a vital balance between Mind, Body, Soul, and our surroundings. They believe that we are ALL ONE.


Chi is considered life’s breath, the life force that connects our Spirit, Mind, Body, and Soul to that of Heaven and Earth. All is energy and must be in balance to exist in a harmonious state.


Feng Shui is the ancient art and practice of blending these principles together. It is a natural balance of using what exists in your environment to manifest your vision, energies and more.





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5 Elements


The universal pattern is in a set of fives. There are five senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing), five directions (North, South, East, West and Center), and five elements in Feng Shui. They are manifested by the universe and exist to reduce or enhance Chi Energy or “Life’s Breath” as it pertains to the environment in which you live. When in balance, these elements work to create a better environment for your life making it harmonious, healthy and abundant. Each element represents a different focus. Explore each element below!


The most Yang of elements, Fire is the main element in the Fame/Reputation gua. Fire is heat, representing the peak of activity, joy, intimacy, and passion. Fire can be enhanced in areas by lighting, candles, leather, feathers, or fur. It is represented by the season of summer and the colors red, orange, and yellow.


The most interested and recommended in large areas, Earth represents strength, stability, support, and grounding like the mountains. Earth is associated with late summer and represented by earth tones and yellow items made of the earth like tile, brick, terracotta, ceramics, or soils. It is the main element in the Health, Knowledge and Love/Relationship gua area.


Water is the source of life and “Shui” in Feng Shui. It represents power like the ocean, glaciers, rivers, and floods, synonymous with abundance and wealth. Free-flowing or frozen, Water is associated with the season of Winter and to the career gua. Water can be a plentiful element in the environment as is  represented by blues, blacks, purples and in anything reflective such as glass, mirrors, windows.


Wood is the beginning of new life and is associated with the season of spring. It represents growth, expansion, new ideas, positive self-esteem, assertiveness, visions and goals which is why this element is found in the Family and Prosperity guas.  Wood is shown by the color green and items representing flora such as trees, plants and flowers.


Most creative element, Metal takes on all sources such as gold, silver, copper, and even gemstones or natural crystals. Metal is created by the Earth element so it is a common remedy for a negative Earth presence in a particular area. Metal is the main element in the gua areas of Creativity/Play and Travel/Helpful people.  Its colors are whites, pastels, gray-silver and golds. Metal  is associated to the Autumn season.

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